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  • Mission

    Together we have so much potential to improve the lives of millions. Shopo World supports the charities whose aim is to provide practical, physical or spiritual support to underprivileged people groups in order to improve their wellbeing and lifestyle.

    As non-profit Organizations are to step in to help those in need, Shopo World mission is to support and contribute in any way we can.

    The Charities are continually in need of funding and supplies to keep their operations going. They often need assistance to replenish the goods they give out to people during their time of need. It can be any amount you are able to assist them with based on your own budget. You can also donate supplies they may need including clothing, toys, household goods and other necessary items. 

    You can volunteer your time. 

    We understand that people are more willing to donate their time, money, and goods to an organization if they are aware of what services they provide. It's why Shopo World carefully checking each Non-profit Organization, Charity, Missionaries or Groups before they agree to support them.

    Find your favourite Charity.

    They are waiting for your kindness.

    If you are a Charity or non-profit Organization and would like to be supported, please contact us here